ALIZZÈ – DEMINERALIZING SHAMPOO – STEP 1 (1000ml 33.8 fl. oz.).



Demineralizing Shampoo – Step 1

Shampoo for all hair types

Desmineralizing Shampoo ALIZZÈ, was created to purify and rebalance hair. It  in-stantly removes dulling residues caused by conditioners, styling products, pollution and other harm-ful substances. Its rich salt-free formula, prepares hair cuticles to absorve proteins and vitamins that are essential to hair’s vitality.



  • Residue free hair
  • Salt-free
  • Low pH shampoo
  • Doesn’t harm scalp or damage hair
  • Doesn’t fade hair color
  • Prepares hair to receive the anti-frizz solution


Know more about it:

ALIZZÈ® is based on the synergy of Quad-Force Complex®, a combination of oxoacetamide, vit-amins, proteins and amino acids that allow a temporary change on the hair fiber, leaving hair supple and shine.

ALIZZÈ® was created to treat hair structure from the core to the surface, delivering a disciplined and reconstructed hair with intense volume control and frizz protection.


How to apply:

Saturate the hair with water, apply the Desmineralizing Shampoo ALIZZÈ into the palm of your hand and work it through the hair.Handle the hair gently and use your fingertips to massage the scalp. Completely rinse the product out. Repeat the process if needed. Proceed applying Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment or Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment Yel-low Tinge Remover.


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